Beach Ultimate

Beach Ultimate is variant of Ultimate. The rules are the same with the exception that Beach Ultimate is played on a smaller field (75x25m) and is generally played 5-a-side. There is also a 4-on-4 version that is gaining popularity.

The first Beach Ultimate tournament was in 1986 in Texas. In 1989 the first international Beach Ultimate tournament was held in Italy: Paganello in Rimini. In 1999 the Beach Ultimate Lovers Association was created with the aim to assist, educate, and promote the Spirit and the Game of Beach Ultimate worldwide. By the end of 2009 Beach Ultimate was played in 25+ countries and there were 100+ tournaments, including Beach Ultimate leagues, worldwide.

In 2010 the World Flying Disc Federation approved a motion to accept Beach Ultimate as its own disc sport. It was agreed upon that the game had evolved into a closely related, yet different sport from grass Ultimate. The use of the smaller field, less players, softer surface, and location make cutting, catching, and throwing similar in concept but not in execution. Strategy has become different and more and more players are becoming just beach players. Many are attracted to Beach Ultimate because of the lightness and pureness that comes from taking off shoes. The sea breeze, the sand between the toes, and the sound of waves put players in a positive mindframe without losing competitiveness. This, in part, explains the excellent game and spirit that one finds in Beach Ultimate.

Older players also gravitate towards Beach Ultimate as "hard ground" injuries do not occur and players can continue to play for many more years. At 2017 World Beach Ultimate Championships in Royan, France there was a strong turn out in the Grandmaster division with 10 countries fielding a team. Mixed was the largest division with 32 countries.




Shiellah Quintos (CAN)


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Alex Matovu (UGA)

Board member: 2017-present Current term ends: 2019 Committee member: 2015-present Alex “Queenie” Matovu started playing ultimate in 1995 in Kampala as a teenager. In 1999 he started the Kampala Ultimate Frisbee Club just after organizing a first ever tournament in November 1999. From 2001-2005 he ran a series of tournaments attracting several Embassies and schools and ran tournaments on the same ground. In 2006 he started the Seven Hills Classics Ultimate tournament which later became one of the biggest Ultimate Tournaments in Africa attracting 5-7 countries within the region of East Africa. In 2015 Alex led team Uganda to the WCBU2015, with the same year Uganda hosting the first All Africa Ultimate Club Championship and hosting a WFDF East Africa Ultimate Clinic. In 2016 Matovu discussed to form the All Africa Flying Disc Federation (AAFDF) which was officially launched at the 2017 All Africa Ultimate Club Champion in Nairobi. Alex has been President since 2017 till today for All-African Flying Disc Federation. Outside of the Ultimate scene, he is a Director of Activate Uganda, a sports events management company, has run several businesses in Uganda, and worked for the US State Department as a contractor. He holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Makerere University.

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David Raflo (USA)

Committee member: 2019-present I started playing ultimate at the University of Virginia in 1992 and have volunteered locally, nationally, and internationally. I oversee Beach Ultimate for USA Ultimate and have been an Events Manager for USA Ultimate since 2012. I have served as WFDF Tournament Technical Director for 5 PAUCs and one WJUC and helped manage dozens of USA Ultimate nationals championships events as (volunteer) Competition Director from 2000 through 2011 and since then in my Events Manager role. Home is now Colorado Springs.

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Corrine Doff (GBR)

Committee member 2018-present Originally from Scotland, Corinne spent three years in Central America, and now lives (a few minutes from the beach) in Portugal. She has been playing ultimate since 2006, has played for various club women's and mixed teams in the UK, GB Masters, helped create El Salvador's first ever international team, and is now enjoying Portuguese beach ultimate. Corinne works as a project manager, researcher and auditor for sustainable tourism development projects, and is interested in how we can make beach ultimate events more sustainable.

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Karen Cabrera (PHI)

Committee member: 2011-present Karen Cabrera started playing beach ultimate in 2005. A couple of years after in 2007, found herself a seat on the Beach Ultimate Committee with BULA, which then transitioned to WFDF Beach Ultimate Committee in 2011. In 2016, she was elected as Chair until 2019. Some of the work involved the evaluation for venues of the Asian and World Championships and assisted in the selection process of WFDF Beach Ultimate grants. On the domestic side, Karen is the current President of the Philippine Flying Disc Association; player and team manager of Boracay Dragons; Tournament Director of the annual Boracay Open Tournament; runs clinics around the country; and organizes local and international tournaments.

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Paul Bernier (ITA)

Committee member: 2011-present Disc Sports I start practice ultimate, freestyle, disc golf and all the other disc disciplines in Belgium in 1983. The first world championship I took part was Gothenburg (Sweden) in 1983 and from there participated to several tournaments, often as captain, as National, European and World Championships (beach and grass) in France, Switzerland, UK, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Holland, Canada,… At the WUGC 2008 in Vancouver (CAN) I won the SOTG with the national Italian master team. Disc Sports Administration Roles In 2000 I created and coached the first Tuscan team (won one Italian title) and help the creation of the second one.

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Raoni Machado (BRA)

Committee member: 2011-present I have been an ultimate player since the last 20 years. I started playing in the grass, but the beach is my real love. For this reason, I decided to joint first to BULA and then to WFDF when the Beach Ultimate Committee was organized.

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Will Christopherson (AUS)

Committee member: 2015-present An avid Ultimate player since 1993, and Beach Ultimate fanatic since 2004, I have been proud to have a varied career of volunteer admin roles for Ultimate at State, National, and now WFDF level organisations for the last 15 years. I have been honored to represent Australia four times on the beach, and have had the good fortune of playing over 15 international beach tournaments. I wrote and coordinate the process of updating the WFDF Beach Ultimate rules for 2019, and am looking forward to revisiting them in future iterations. I currently am with Ultimate Peace as the Middle East Director of Coaching.

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