Spirit Rules & Scoring

In a self-refereed sport such as Ultimate it is important to continuously teach and measure Spirit of the Game. For this reason a Spirit Scoring system was developed.

Directly after a game, players rate the other team, as well as their own team, on the five fundamentals of the sport:

  1. Did they know and abide by the rules?
  2. Did they avoid body contact?
    Were they fair-minded?
  3. Did they show self-control and a positive attitude?
  4. Did they communicate properly and respectfully?
  5. (Want to contribute? Ask us for a translation template!)
How does Spirit scoring and management work?

Spirit Scoring is especially recommended for leagues and larger tournaments. In these events a team’s Spirit Captain should be responsible for collecting Spirit Scores and giving them to the Spirit Director. The Spirit Director reviews the scores for possible issues and determines what team has the highest score to be to be awarded the Spirit of the Game prize.

(Want to contribute? Ask us for a translation template!)

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