Discs and Targets

Approved Discs and Targets

WFDF’s disc approval process is one that is ongoing, and additional manufacturers and models are currently under consideration for both championship and general level approval.  WFDF relies on the certification work of two of its member associations for approval of disc models:  USA Ultimate (USAU) for the discipline of Ultimate, and the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) for the disciplines of Disc Golf and Overall Events.  Given the nature of the events, the approval process differs for each.


USA Ultimate employs a Disc Technical Standard that specifies the official size and weight of USA Ultimate and WFDF Approved discs. Once a disc meets these requirements, USA Ultimate begins a multi-level player review of the flight characteristics of a candidate disc. This approach ensures that candidate discs not only meet the size and weight requirements, but also have acceptable flight characteristics, comfortable grip for players of all sizes and reasonable catchability.  USA Ultimate specifies three levels of approval.  The process is outlined at:

The following is the list of discs that are currently approved by USA Ultimate and WFDF:

Championship Level

  • ARIA Ultimate Disc – Hot Stamp
  • ARIA Ultimate Disc – Full Color
  • Discraft UltraStar, Westland Mold – Hot Stamp
  • Discraft UltraStar, Web Mold – Hot Stamp
  • Discraft UltraStar, Web Mold – Supercolor Center
  • Discraft UltraStar, Web Mold II – Hot Stamp
  • Discraft UltraStar, Web Mold II – Supercolor Center
  • eurodisc 175g Organic 4.0 – Hot Stamp
  • eurodisc 175g Organic 4.1 – Full Color
  • X-COM Ultimate Standard – Hot Stamp
  • X-COM Ultimate Standard – Full Color

General Level

  • Discraft UltraStar, Web Mold – Full Supercolor
  • Discraft UltraStar, Web Mold II – Full Supercolor

Youth Level

  • Discraft J*Star – Hot Stamp
  • X-COM Junior Standard – Hot Stamp

Disc Golf and Overall Events

The Professional Disc Golf Association has an ongoing testing program to ensure that discs meet the technical standards. To see technical detail for each of the specifications listed please see PDGA Technical Standards. The PDGA also certifies disc-catching targets which list is adopted by WFDF.

PDGA Approved Disc Golf Discs

PDGA Approved Disc Golf Targets

Mini Disc Golf and Overall Events

Only minis made entirely of plastic material are to be used. For example, wood, metal, epoxy and minis made with other materials are not approved.

To be used in competition, all mini discs must be 4.5 inches (11.43 cm) or less in diameter.

Mini competition uses all WFDF approved rules except for these variations in the disc size.

Mini disc golf uses the approved disc golf rules except for a few necessary variations in play and targets, which are listed at the Mini Disc Golf Federation (MDGF) site: http://minidiscgolf.com.


The 110 gram Wham-O Pro model Frisbee disc is the disc to be used for Guts in sanctioned competition.

Double Disc Court (DDC)

The 110 gram Wham-O Pro model Frisbee disc is the disc to be used for DDC in sanctioned competition.