Playing Uniform - Event logo

Teams competing at WFDF sanctioned events are permitted to use the official event logo on their playing uniforms only. Official logo must be no larger than 4”/10cm wide and can be used only once on any piece of official playing uniform. (Light and dark competition jerseys and shorts only).

The official event logo or official tournament name may not be used on non-uniform aspects intended for wear/use off the competition field. (Hats, long sleeves, warm-ups, bags, etc. are excluded from using the logo)

Use of the official event logo on uniforms does not mean that any team has any official connection or representation on behalf of the event.

The use of official event logo or event title in ANY other form outside use on playing uniforms is strictly prohibited. The event logo may not be used for printing in brochures, on promotional materials, adverts or discs and may not under any circumstances be used for commercial profit.

Registered teams in good standing may use the official event logo for strictly non-commercial purposes of promoting the registered teams attendance at the event via the teams official digital social media accounts. Notification by the team and acceptance by WFDF of a team's official digital social media accounts is required in advance of any event logo use.

The event logo shall always be used in their true correct and full forms with no modifications.

Any team found in breach of the uniform rules found in Section C of the Rules appendix, or in breach of the terms for the logo use will be dealt with by the WFDF Tournament Rules Group.

WFDF logo

Teams, member NF’s, corporates or sponsors may not use the WFDF logo without prior written consent from WFDF.

WFDF does not allow anyone to replicate or use the WFDF or Event Logos in any way (including on any print products or digital media) without prior written approval. Requests for use along with a draft artwork must be provided in writing to WFDF.

For the avoidance of doubt, teams are not entitled to develop another name/logo in any way connected with the tournament nor any promotions.