Disc Golf

Criteria for Disc Golf World Rankings

There has been a major change to the criteria for determining World Rankings for Disc Golf. It has been felt by both WFDF Disc Golf Committee and PDGA that the weighting of the WTDGC results was too high given it it is only a biennial event. The weighting has therefore been shifted to a 60:40 ration in favour of PDGA Ratings.


PDGA Ratings

Points are awarded based on the PDGA Ratings of the top Professional or Amateur (see note 1) individual players in every country that is a member of WFDF or a PDGA Affiliated country. The Ratings of the Female and Male players are ranked separately. The top Ranked Male and Female teams shall then receive 100 points. Second place shall receive 95 points, then 90, 87, 84. Places from 6th-30th place shall be separated by 2 points. Places 31st-100th (or last) shall be separated by 1 point. Countries with no rated players shall receive 0 points.

The Average of points of the Sum of both Male and Female teams shall be calculated and a PDGA World Ranking created. The top country shall receive 100 points. Second place shall receive 95, points, then 90, 87, 84. Places from 6th-30th shall be separated by 2 points. Places from 31st- 100th (or last) shall be separated by 1 point.

Players whose Ratings count shall be, for Males: Top 3 x MPO, 1 x MP40 , 1 X Junior and for Females: Top 3 x FPO. These Ratings will next be recalculated on 1st September 2021 to amend the World Rankings. Thereafter World Rankings will be recalculated immediately after any WFDF WTDGC event in that year or on March 1st and September 1st each year.

NB: A Junior shall be any player aged 18 or under in the year that Ratings are used to calculate Ranking Points - whether they have played in MPO or Amateur level events.

Note 1; Where a country has less than the number of players required to score points (3 x MPO, 1 x MP40 , 1 X Junior or 3 x FPO) then the highest Amateur players rating shall be used. This shall be the case even if an Amateur player is ranked higher than a Pro player from their country. If a country has no players - either Pro or Am - in any division that slot shall receive 0 (zero) points. Players can only be counted once in any one division - this especially applies to either MP40 or Juniors who may also qualify as MPO players. If this the case then the highest possible calculation of a combination of all Divisions will be used.

It is recognised that there is a current gender inequality in the numbers of players used to calculate these Ratings. However, at this time it is impossible to accurately calculate the following Divisions due to lack of information in the PDGA data base for Ratings: FP40 (FPM) - many, if not most, FPM eligible players choose to play in FPO so an accurate inclusion in the Rankings of FPM is not possible. Junior Women - There are not enough PDGA registered players world wide to warrant inclusion in the Rankings at this time. We compensate for this inequality of number of players by attributing the same value of points to both Female and Male Ratings.

There is also potential confusion over the nationality of some players when calculating Ratings as many players living in, say USA, may be from Canada, GBR or any other country in the world. WFDF have tried as best as possible to make sure that all Ratings used for each country apply to nationals from those countries or players who meet the WFDF Nationality regulations making them eligible to play for the country they are living in. However, in order to be consistent we use the countries that players register with the PDGA as their home country as a first option. Should National Associations wish to challenge this then it is up to individuals to re-register their country of birth should they wish to, even if currently resident elsewhere.

WFDF World Team Disc Golf Championships

Points shall be awarded to every country that attends WTDGC - 5 points to every team.

Points shall be awarded for finishing places at WTDGC - Each place shall be awarded 3 x the number of teams who attend the event. For example in 2019 there were 17 teams. So first place was awarded 17 x 3, second place 16 x 3 etc.

Only points from the 3 previous WTDGC events shall count and World Rankings be recalculated after each WTDGC.

Rankings are decided based on the points won over the 3 previous WTDGC events.

The Top Ranked team shall then receive 66 points. Second place shall receive 62 points, then 59, 56, 53. Places from 6th-15th place shall be separated by 2 points. Places 16th-50th (or last) shall be separated by 1 point.

WFDF World Ranking

The totals of points gained from PDGA Ratings and WTDGC events are added together to give an overall points total. World Rankings are then determined with the highest score receiving the highest Ranking

Notes on World Ranking Revision

From September 2021 onwards the World Rankings will be revised every six months on March 1st and September 1st of each year.

A revision of any or all criteria for generating a World Disc Golf Ranking for Countries will also be reviewed on a six months basis based on feedback from WFDF members and PDGA.

WFDF Disc Golf Committee recognise that, in creating a World Ranking for Nations, there may well be factors that need to be included in future criteria. We would ask you all to be patient in working with us on developing a system that is in progress.

For example we are already working on a system that rewards countries who compete against each other on a Regional, Continental or even Individual Test Match basis. A system will be implemented to award points to countries to improve their Ranking by playing WFDF sanctioned Team events.

Future discussions will focus on the use of further data for Amateur players.

We would also ask you all to review the specific criteria above and suggest any alterations, amendments or additions. We are particularly interested in views on equitable use of gender based divisions and whether the criteria also meet WFDF principles of inclusion by rewarding participation at both team and individual player level.

WFDF Disc Golf Committee - October 1st 2019.