Results of the WFDF Elections

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The Results are in for the recent WFDF Elections. Congratulations to our new Officers and thanks to our outgoing officers.




The WFDF Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the results of the December 2008 election. Congratulations to

the following individuals who have been elected and have agreed to serve as WFDF Officers and Board Members for the

2009/2010 term:


PRESIDENT: Jonathan Potts (Australia)

SECRETARY: Melle Clark (USA)



AT LARGE DIRECTOR: Fumio “Moro ” Morooka (Japan)

AT LARGE DIRECTOR: Robert “Nob” Rauch (USA)


We would like to thank all of the candidates who ran for office this past election. Once again, there was a wealth of experience

and each candidate had great value.


The election was tallied using the “Single Transferable Voting Mechanism”. 23 of the 27 members voted in the election. Due to the

passing of the new Bylaws, there has been a restructuring of some of the positions. The Team Events Chair position has been eliminated

The Ultimate Committee Chair and the Guts Committee Chair now oversee their respective Disc Sports. The Individual Chair is now known as the

Overall Committee Chair.


On behalf of our member associations we would like to express our sincere thanks to the outgoing board members for their service.

Outgoing President Juha Jalovaara has served in many different capacities within WFDF and leaves a strong and lasting legacy.

Todd Demetriades is stepping aside from the duties of WFDF board member but will still be involved with anti-doping issues for



The WFDF Nominating Committee:

Kevin Givens (Chair), Kate Bergeron, Harvey Brandt, Jesus Loreto, Rebecca Forth