WFDF to Have First-Ever In-Person Board Meeting November 3-4

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The WFDF Board is pleased to announce that it will be hosting its first ever in-person Board meeting on the weekend of November 3-4 at the Hilton Garden Inn at JFK Airport in New York.  The primary focus of the meeting will be to discuss the elements of the organization’s strategic plan.  All WFDF Members and players are invited to submit issues or suggest topics that might be considered by the board in their discussions.

Certain portions of the meeting will be moderated by Dr. David Barkan, a consultant specializing in facilitating strategic and collaborative group development and planning.  David is also a long-time Ultimate player and thus has a particular appreciation for the issues facing disc sports.

Robert “Nob” Rauch, WFDF President, stated:  “While the board has met ten times a year by conference call over the last couple years, it is difficult to tackle the big picture issues without being in front of each other as a board.  We have always tried to run the organization on a lean budget, but we feel that this will be an effective investment in WFDF’s future and we hope to make it a biannual event going forward.”

The national and organizational associations that comprise WFDF’s Membership meet annually at the Congress (most recently in July in Sakai Japan) but this will be the first full board meeting held in person.