WJUC in Lecco has come to an end – Canada (Open) and USA (Women`s) are the World Junior Champions

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The WFDF 2014 World Junior Championships 2014 have come to an end. Canada (Open) and USA (Women`s) have crowned their performances with the World Junior Championships titles. In the Open final on Saturday at the Lecco City stadium Canada beat USA by a close 17-16. In the Women`s division USA had won before over Canada by a 17-9 score. The bronze medals went to Colombia (Women`s) and Germany (Open) respectively. The SOTG Award winners were Colombia in both divisions.

During the Victory and Closing Ceremony WFDF Secretary Thomas Griesbaum officially declared the event closed. WJUC 2014 is history – but another highlight is yet to ccome to Lecco with WUCC to start on Saturday, 2 August 2014 at the same venues in Lombardy.

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