WFDF Announces new line of VC Ultimate-designed apparel

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The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) is excited to announce its new online retail presence, in partnership with its Official Apparel Sponsor and Merchandise Supplier, VC Ultimate. VC Ultimate, with online stores in Canada, the United States and Europe, has designed and produced dozens of WFDF and WFDF-event branded apparel items based on the theme of worldwide inclusiveness and cultural representation.

“WFDF is very pleased with our partnership with VC Ultimate,” stated Robert “Nob” Rauch, WFDF President.  “They are incredibly creative and have designed an apparel line for us that speaks to the global disc community.  We feel that this partnership has provided benefits to all three separate audiences — teams/players, tournament organizers, and WFDF – in providing top-quality apparel at our events and online to the disc community.”

“Designing the WFDF apparel line has been an honor and a real pleasure,” said Adriana Withers, a VC Director. “Meeting players from so many countries has been inspiring, and we’ve tried to design the WFDF gear to be appealing to everyone, regardless of nationality. The idea behind the WFDF World collection is rooted in our community’s connectedness and mutual respect for each other, and the ability to find a disc and a smile in so many places around the globe.”

Please visit the VC Ultimate online store in your region to check out the new WFDF collections:

Canada & International: