South African teams win top prizes AAUC

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South African teams win top prizes at WFDF 2019 All Africa Ultimate Championships

The WFDF 2019 All Africa Ultimate Championships (AAUC 2019) concluded on June 17 with South Africa’s UCT Flying Tigers taking the gold in the championships’ third edition. South Africa’s Catch-22 won the Spirit of the Game (SOTG) prize.

“The third All Africa Ultimate Championship was not only a fantastic championship but better attended,” said Alex “Queenie” Matovu, All-African Flying Disc Federation President. “And seeing more and more African countries not only attending All Africa Ultimate Championship but playing competitively with great Spirit of the Game makes me very happy about Africa Ultimate.”

“A great opening ceremony, great SOTG shown both at the field and off, seeing happy faces throughout the tournament, great tournament party, working with a good energetic Tournament Organizing Committee, and great closing ceremony were the best moments of 2019 All Africa Ultimate Championships.”

Robert “Nob” Rauch, WFDF President commented that “It is exciting to see the level of activity in Africa expanding. Although the vast distances make logistics difficult, the community is very enthusiastic and spirited and growing at both the grass roots as well as the elite levels.”

Gauteng Flying Disc Association hosted AAUC in Johannesburg, South Africa from June 14 to 17 at the East Rand Polo Club. Nine teams with 150 players from eight countries competed in the mixed division. Players attended AAUC from South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, Malawi, Uganda, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

The inaugural 2015 AAUCC held in Kampala, Uganda saw some 144 competitors from Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda participate, followed by the 2017 AAUCC hosting 10 teams with players representing 7 countries which was hosted in Nairobi, Kenya.

SOTG rankings:

1. Catch-22 (RSA) 12.875

2. UCT Flying Tigers (RSA) 12.77

3. 4th Prime (RSA) 11.375

4. Wild Dogs (RSA) 11.125

5. Da Bique (MOZ) 11

6. IzzyEz Ultimate (RSA) 10.875

7. Ghost Ultimate (RSA) 10.666

8. Cool Waters (KEN) 10.375

9. All Africa United (AA) 10

Final Standings:

1. UCT Flying Tigers (RSA)

2. Ghost Ultimate (RSA)

3. Cool Waters (KEN)

4. Catch 22 (RSA)

5. Wild Dogs (RSA)

6. IzzyEz Ultimate (RSA)

7. 4th Prime (RSA)

8. Da Bique (MOZ)

9. All Africa United (AA)