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WFDF Announces tentative 2022 Events Schedule

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In a separate press release earlier today, the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) announced that all WFDF World Championship events scheduled to take place in 2021 would be canceled or postponed due to the ongoing health and safety concerns in connection with the coronavirus pandemic and the uncertainties around the resulting cross-border travel and other restrictions that continue to be imposed by governmental authorities.

2021 decisions taken

  • WFDF 2021 World Ultimate and Guts Championships (Netherlands) (originally postponed from 2020) – CANCELED
  • WFDF 2021 World Under-24 Ultimate Championships (Ireland) – CANCELED
  • WFDF 2021 World Beach Ultimate Championships (USA) – POSTPONED
  • WFDF 2021 Continental Ultimate Championships – CANCELED
    • All Africa (AAUC)
    • Asia-Oceania (AOUGC)
    • PanAmerica (PAUC)
  • WFDF 2021 World Team Disc Golf Championships (Croatia) – POSTPONED
  • WFDF 2021 World Overall Flying Disc Championships (USA) – POSTPONED

2022 tentative calendar of events

  • WFDF 2022 World Beach Ultimate Championships (WBUC) held in April in the USA
  • WFDF 2022 World Overall Flying Disc Championships (WOC) held in July in the USA
  • WFDF 2022 World Masters Ultimate Club Championships (WMUCC) held in June or July
  • WFDF 2022 World Junior Ultimate Championships (WJUC) held in July or August
  • WFDF 2022 World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC) held in July or August
  • IWGA World Games (TWG) held between 7-17 July in Birmingham, AL, USA
  • WFDF 2022 World Team Disc Golf Championships held in August in Croatia

WFDF urges all member National Federations and participants in 2022 events to acknowledge that the calendar remains tentative at this time. WFDF will continue to monitor the situation and effects of the pandemic, including without limitation, governmental and travel restrictions, and may make alterations or changes as it deems advisable to protect the health and safety of all people.

The mitigation of health and safety concerns, the resumption of Flying Disc sports activities within WFDF’s member federations, and the relaxing of restrictions on large cross-border sports events are all factors that WFDF will consider as it makes further decisions on the events calendar. WFDF will attempt to delay any registration and fee payment requirements until WFDF can reasonably expect that the health and safety of all participants can be protected for such events. Regardless, WFDF reserves the right to alter the schedule and/or cancel events at any time.

Announcements on specific events outlining the dates, venue and hosts will be made available shortly as details firm up, with detailed information bulletins becoming available by mid-year 2021.

Athletes should reach out to their Member Federation or go to the WFDF website for updates on the status of 2022 events. WFDF Member Federations should feel free to reach out to the WFDF Events Team to ask questions at any time at karina.woldt@wfdf.sport.

The World Games

The WUGC was to have served as the qualifying event for The World Games, currently rescheduled to take place in July 2022.

The WFDF Ultimate Committee led by WFDF Vice President Brian Gisel has considered whether a standalone qualifying tournament for TWG2022 would be feasible and it considered an early 2022 event proposal, but ultimately decided that it would not make sense. For that reason, and in light of the cancellation of WUGC 2020/21, the qualification of countries for The World Games 2022 will be based on Section 2 of the Qualification System for WFDF Ultimate World Games Events, Version 2008 – 1.1 (approved May 18th, 2008, and updated in 2019) which states: “The qualifying event for the World Games will be the most recent Ultimate World Championship event, which was held at least 8 months prior to the World Games.” In this case, the most recent Ultimate World Championship event is WUGC 2016. Using the World Games Qualification system, the teams qualifying for The World Games 2022 will be: USA (host), Australia, Canada, Japan, Colombia, Great Britain, France and Germany.

WFDF Congress 2021

With travel restrictions in 2020, WFDF’s first ever virtual Congress was hosted by video conference in August 2020 and resulted in the highest Congress attendance in WFDF’s history. With travel restrictions likely to still be in place and with no events in 2021, WFDF will plan again to hold
the WFDF 2021 Annual Congress virtually, on a date (likely in August) to be announced in the coming weeks.