WFDF approves of Albania, El Salvador, Greece and Kuwait as WFDF national members

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Congress approval brings WFDF’s membership to 95 countries

The World Flying Disc Federation (“WFDF”) is pleased to announce that its Congress has approved the Albanian Flying Disc Federation (FSHDF), the Asociación de Disco Volador Salvadoreña (ADVSAL), the Hellas Sport for All Federation (HELSAF) and the Kuwait Flying Disc Federation (KFDF) as its newest national Members, increasing WFDF’s membership to 95 national member federations (NFs).

“Our membership development efforts are one of the main highlights as we progress through this second year with no WFDF World Championship events due to the COVID pandemic. To add these four national member federations to the Flying Disc Family from thre continents — Albania, El Salvador, Greece and Kuwait — shows that the development work of WFDF is on the right path,” commented WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch. “In the meantime, we are really excited to see local and even national level competition resuming in a number of our member countries and are really looking forward to our very busy event calendar for WFDF events in all disciplines in 2022.”

Commented Alnderim Çelohoxhaj, President of the Albanian Flying Disc Federation (FSHDF – Federata Shqiptare e Diskut Flutures) on the approval of the membership: “The Albanian Flying Disc Federation is very honored and proud to announce that we have been approved as a member by the World Flying Disc Federation. During the difficult pandemic times this was a great success for our community and we are planning a special event to celebrate it on the field of play. All this time we have kept our spirits high and had games and training whenever we could. Since we started this process more than two years ago we have had many difficulties and challenges and we are really proud we were able to finalize the process and grow the number of players in Albania. The first games in our country more than 15 years ago were organized by Americans from the Peace Corps and now it’s only locals who are in charge and active with everything. We have understood the values and benefits of staying healthy and strong in a competitive non violent environment. We want to transmit all the values and principles behind disc games to the younger generations of our country to help them grow with more and better possibilities. We are very thankful and express our gratitude to WFDF for the help and support throughout the membership process. We are looking forward to participating in the coming events and being part of this great global community.”

Asociación de Disco Volador Salvadoreña (ADVSA) President Lucas DiMauro stgated: “Our sport has been a big beacon of positivity throughout these trying few months we’ve been through. Ultimate in El Salvador has been present in the country since 2014, it’s been through ups and downs, but it has reached a recent peak at the right time. We are so grateful for this opportunity to be able to help the sport grow. So much of this sport is a perfect fit with our country and culture, not just the low cost of playing it, but the inclusion of all and the community feeling within the teams. We aim to improve our players technically while opening our doors to more to join.”

Hellas Sport for All Federation (HELSAF) President Theodoros M. Tsaganos commented: “It is a great honor for our Federation to be a member of the World Flying Disc Federation and, despite all the difficulties that the pandemic has created all over the World, we will continue to insist on the development of new opportunities regarding the Flying Disc in Greece. Our country is the birthplace of Democracy, Philosophy, and Arts, but at the same time it is the symbol of the Olympic Spirit and Olympic Ideals! Flying Disc can be the ideal Sport that will emphasize this Olympic Legacy! Our main purpose is to ensure the continued growth of the Flying Disc, to increase public awareness, to improve the quality of our athletes, to educate our trainers and of course to introduce and promote the World Flying Disc Federation in the Greek Sports community as the only Organization with a vision that can fulfill the dreams of the Greek athletesfrom ancient times.” Added HELSAF Secretary General Niki Machaira: “We are very proud of being members of WFDF and belonging to one of the best world sport organizations which will help us to build a strong foundation, having as a priority the focus on the development of the Flying Disc in every region and island in Greece. Thank you for your trust and support you have placed in us and we’re looking forward to working together targeting in getting Disc Sports the recognition they deserve in Greece!”

Kuwait Flying Disc Federation (KFDF) President Ahmed El Sayed stated: “We are very happy and proud to announce the official recognition of the Kuwait Flying Disc Federation. We are excited to have the support of the WFDF behind us in helping us grow the community of Flying Disc sports in Kuwait. Becoming provisional members and having a federation in Kuwait with the purpose of promoting Flying Disc sports will continue to motivate us to keep growing the community in Kuwait. We are eager to continue our efforts with the support of WFDF.”

“The approval by Congress was given unanimously by the current WFDF membership as a sign of the Flying Disc world standing together in difficult times, leaving no one behind. We have been working for many years with dozens of potential member countries in Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, southeast Asia, and Oceania and expect several additional members to be presented to our Congress for approval later this year. We are looking forward to welcoming our 100th member country soon, certainly by year end 2021,” commented WFDF Executive Director Volker Bernardi.