WFDF 2022 World Overall Championship Commences in San Diego

In News, Press Release * Official Communication by WFDF

WFDF 2022 World Overall Championship kicked off Monday, August 1 in San Diego, California, USA with six days of action concluding on Saturday, August 6. World Championship titles will be awarded in all seven overall/field disciplines (Accuracy, Discathon, Distance, Double Disc Court, Disc Golf, Freestyle, Self-Caught Flight), along with the Overall title. The competition is featuring 84 participants from four countries, with Field Events at Robb Field, Disc Golf at Morley Field Disc Golf Course, and the Finals at Ski Beach.

“I’m excited to have the Overall community back together after three years away due to the Covid pandemic, with our last world championship was held in Richmond, Virginia, USA in July 2019,” said Robert McLeod, WFDF Overall Chair. “We faced many challenges in getting this event to come together including multiple postponements, change in the organizing committee, and issues in the securing of venues, but thanks to Rick and his team, they were able to bring us all together. This week, we’re anticipating multiple world records being set across multiple age and gender categories and will be sharing all of the action with the global frisbee community.”

“I’m looking forward to having a planning committee meeting this week where we will be discussing how to get more countries running overall events, with a focus on more compact 1-2 day competitions with 2-3 disciplines. We feel this will be a good segue for ultimate players and disc golfers to learn more about the Overall format and be an easier way for more people to compete in these other disciplines.”

Rick Lebeau, a 40+ year veteran of Overall tournaments, is running the event along with support from the WFDF Overall Committee and local players and organizers. Allen Risley, who ran the 2022 Challenge at Goat Hill Disc Golf Pro Tour event, is running the Disc Golf event.

WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch added that “The Overall Championship is a classic Flying Disc competition, testing all aspects of an athlete’s skills with a frisbee and popularized with the Rose Bowl events in the mid-1970s. It is following on the back of our World Ultimate Club Championships, and will be immediately followed by the World Juniors Ultimate Championships in Wroclaw, Poland in the second week of August and the World Team Disc Golf Championships in the third week of August in Varazdin, Croatia.”

The WFDF Overall finals will be held on Saturday, August 8 at Ski Beach, with the awards ceremony and a convivial players banquet to follow.