Call for Host Bids for WFDF Ultimate Club Championships 2014 (WUCC)

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WFDF’s Board of Directors and Ultimate Committee are seeking bids from potential host organizers for the WFDF Ultimate Club Championships 2014 (WUCC). The deadline for submitting completed bids for WUCC 2014 is January 31, 2012, and it is anticipated that bids will be awarded no later than April 30, 2012. All potential bidders should notify WFDF of their intention to bid (no actual details required) by Friday December 16, 2011.

For the WFDF World Ultimate Club Championship in 2014, there has been an extensive discussion regarding whether the Mixed and Masters Division Championships should be held separately from the Open and Women’s Division Championships, since the tournament attracts so many teams. Of course, provided the host has sufficient capacity, then we believe most players would prefer that all divisions are played at the same event venue. With this in mind, we will allow hosts to bid (1) for a single event including all four divisions (possibly five if there is Women’s Masters Division) or (2) for either (a) Open and Women’s Divisions or (b) Mixed, Open Masters, and Women’s Masters.

Division sizes are expected to be:

Open: 48-64 teams
Women: 32-48 teams
Mixed: 40-64 teams
Open Masters: 16-32 teams
Women’s Masters: 4-8 teams

Potential bidders should be aware of the following points:

  • WFDF expects the interest in WUCC 2014 to exceed that in 2010, and is likely to favour bids or combinations of bids that are able to offer capacity at the higher end of the ranges identified above.
  • WFDF wants bidders to be realistic about their capacity and would prefer two well-run, separate events to a single “stretched” event that has issues resulting from having too many teams.
  • A “single-event” bid should be able to cope with 180+ teams; split-event bids should expect to handle 100-120 teams.
  • If we adopt the approach of split-events, there is no requirement that players must be able to attend both events, and so there are no specific restrictions on the relative dates or locations of the two split events.

For information about any of these events or on the bidding process, please contact Simon Hill, Chair of the Ultimate Committee. The Bid Guidelines can be accessed under this link: Bid Guidelines.