2016 WJUC Day 2

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[lead]WFDF 2016 World Junior Ultimate Championships Day 2 Report[/lead]

Day 2 of the WFDF 2016 World Junior Ultimate Championships (WJUC) on 1st August 2016 saw 49 games played today at the Polemarsowe Fields in Wroclaw.

Today’s cooler weather was well received by athletes after a hot and muggy first day. Groundsmen went above and beyond to ensure the fields were in top playing condition, taking water off some fields using a giant sponge before athletes arrived at the venue. The overnight rain created perfect field conditions, softening some of the harder fields.

All 49 teams played twice today, with 10 men’s teams and 8 women’s teams winning both games. There is still everything to play for! The first two games were won on universe point, as Men’s division Germany fought back to beat New Zealand 15-14 after being down most of the game.  Slovenia’s Women’s team was unlucky to lose 11-12 after exchanging the lead with Austria many times throughout the game.

Tomorrow will see the end of group stage play and will be rounded out by a cultural evening hosted by the Tournament Organizing Committee. The nearly 1,000 athletes will be exposed to various traditions from the four corners of the world while having the evening to make new friendships with fellow athletes.

WFDF Tournament Technical Director Luke Tobiasiewicz said “it was fantastic to see the playing fields come alive with all the teams finally getting to prove themselves. There were many spectacular feats of athleticism with a high level of spirit throughout – the next generation of Ultimate players has arrived!”

The official tournament web site can be found at www.wjuc2016.com and the live schedule at wjuc2016.ultimate-scores.com