WOC 2017 to be Held in Baskingstroke, Great Britain

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[lead]WFDF 2017 World Overall Championships (WOC) to be held in Basingstoke, Great Britain[/lead]

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) is pleased to announce that the WFDF 2017 World Overall Flying Disc Championships (WOC 2017) will be staged from Monday 24th – Saturday 29th July 2017 in the city of Basingstoke at the Down Grange Sports Complex in Great Britain.

“The successful bid came from the Basingstoke Disc Golf Club (BDGC) which was selected from four very strong bids coming from the European, North American and Asian regions, and was viewed favorably on the overall experience it offered to participants and its proximity to central Europe which meant it would attract many specialty disc golf and freestyler players from the Continent,” stated WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch.

“Our Overall events require athletes to demonstrate a variety of individual skills in a field events format, not dissimilar to the concept of the heptathlon. And we are excited to feature for the first time the Freestyle Championship – together with the FPA — on a standalone basis as well as within the Overall format.”

The Event Director and head of the Tournament organizing committee (TOC) Robb Hamilton commented “We are honored and extremely proud to be hosting the WFDF 2017 World Overall Flying Disc Championships, here in Great Britain. We are super excited to have the very best disc athletes from around the world visit our shores, and we look forward to playing and competing with them. Holding the WFOC in my home town of Basingstoke is a dream come true for me.”

This will be the 13th edition of the World Overall Championships.  This bi-annual event is planned for approximately 100 participants in seven flying disc feature competitions. Accuracy, Freestyle, Disc Golf, Discathon, Distance, Double Disc Court (DDC), and Self-Caught Flight (SCF) champions will be crowned for each individual discipline. The World Overall champions will be awarded based on a tally of points on three or more disciplines contested by a player – Champions will be crowned by Age and Gender in the Open, Women’s, Masters, Grand Masters, Senior Grand Masters, Legends and Juniors categories. The previous WOC in 2015 was held in Norrköping Sweden, hosting just over 100 athletes from 12 countries.

The Freestyle competition is co-sanctioned by the Freestyle Players Association (FPA) and is one of two opportunities to gain World titles for Freestyle. “The Freestyle Players Association is excited to be a major part of the WFDF 2017 World Overall Championships in Basingstoke,” stated FPA Executive Director, Paul Kenny. “This relationship is a win-win for both WFDF and the FPA.  The synergy of both organizations working together going forward is sure to benefit both organizations.  The FPA is dedicated to the growth of freestyle as lifetime recreation and a competitive sport and working with WFDF is a great opportunity for the FPA to expose freestyle to fellow disc enthusiasts.  The FPA looks forward to an exciting event and our continued relationship with WFDF!”

For information about WOC 2017, please contact Karina Woldt – WFDF Event Manager at karina.woldt@wfdf.org.