Update on the Status of WFDF’s World Championships

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Consideration of the impact from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) and its rapid spread around the world, WFDF released an official statement on 4 March regarding the impact of the pandemic on its world championship events scheduled for the coming months. As of 19 March 2020, WFDF remains fully committed to holding the 2020 events – WUGC, WJUC and WMUC – as scheduled.

There are two major events scheduled to take place in Europe in July: the WFDF 2020 World Ultimate & Guts Championships (11-18 July in Netherlands) and the WFDF 2020 World Junior Ultimate Championships (18-25 July in Sweden). The WFDF 2020 World Masters Ultimate Championships is to be held in September in Australia.

The measures being taken around the globe by international, national and local governments are extraordinary in response to the seriousness of the situation we now face. As this is a new disease, there is no certainty about how or when the pandemic will run its course. WFDF’s first priority will always be the safety and well-being of all athletes and other participants. WFDF thanks all of the medical personnel around the world, working tirelessly at reducing and eradicating this unprecedented threat, and it is in solidarity with the whole of society to contain the virus.

Although WFDF is closely monitoring the unfolding developments and updated information from various health organizations and government authorities, based on continuing conversations and research, WFDF is still planning on holding the events in July, as scheduled. WFDF and the Tournament Organizing Committees (the “TOCs”) are proceeding with event planning for these events, given the considerable amount of time to assess and respond to developments between now and July. WFDF will continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis and will evaluate this evolving situation as new facts and information, as well as government advisories, present themselves. WFDF is also considering what steps can be taken at our events to ensure the safety of our athletes, staff, and spectators.

We have received a number of inquiries from teams and member national federations asking for more information about team fees and player fee refunds if the events are eventually cancelled or postponed. The WFDF policy on tournament fee payments is that they are non-refundable; however, given the unprecedented nature of the present situation, should an event be cancelled, the intent is to have the TOCs reimburse teams as possible with available funds that have not been spent or that have been refunded from vendors and suppliers for such events. WFDF and the TOCs are using all reasonable measures to minimize the impact any such cancellations would have. We appreciate your patience in this effort. WFDF encourages all participants to continue to prepare for the July events as best they can.

Rest assured, WFDF will only hold our events if permitted by government regulations and if the health and safety of all participants and spectators can reasonably be assured. Teams and participants making their own travel arrangements (flights, rental cars, visas, personal accommodations, etc) need to be aware of, understand, and take into consideration the terms of sale when entering into any purchase or contract. WFDF recommends that any travellers purchase travel insurance to minimize the impact of a cancelled event, to the extent possible and feasible.

WFDF will provide additional updates as new information develops.