WFDF approves Social Expression Policy

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WFDF seeks to support opportunities to use the power of sport to move its community forward towards a more inclusive, just, and equitable future

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) is pleased to announce that its Board of Directors has approved the WFDF Social Expression Policy during their latest meeting. The policy, which defines acceptable and unacceptable forms of athlete and entourage self-expression and social protest, also explicitly provides for an area at championship venues for approved demonstrations, clinics, exhibitions and protests.

Consistent with the revisions to Rule 50 of the International Olympic Committee adopted for the Tokyo Games, most expressions and protests during competition and during medal, opening and closing ceremonies are prohibited, but interviews with the press and other media, posts on personal social media, production of athlete and/or entourage apparel with approved messaging, and exhibits or demonstrations at the approved messaging center at the field venue are all expressly permitted.

The policy was developed under the lead of Brian Gisel, WFDF Vice-President and Ultimate Committee chair, who commented that “The policy was developed with involvement of major stakeholders from the global Flying Disc community, National Member Federations, athletes, and sports officials and administrators. It adds an important solution to the WFDF set of policies for the challenges of today’s human society. While we will continue to put our strict focus of WFDF sanctioned events on sport, competition, and Spirit of the Game — as has always the case, and which focus will clearly continue to be the main purpose of our events — we feel it is possible to strike a balance between sport and social justice.”

“WFDF acknowledges that these events involve participants with diverse backgrounds, cultures, gender, and points of view, and the public face of our sport provides us all with an important opportunity to use the power of sport to move our community forward towards a more inclusive, just, and equitable future,” stated WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch. “However, our athletes also have the right to the privacy of the sport moment, to remain free of unnecessary distraction from the competition and its preparation, with the field of play dedicated solely to the game itself. Further, the same level of respect should be given to the podium, as this moment celebrates the accomplishments of the athletes, their coaches and support staff, families, and nations, who each and all deserve to cherish that moment without distraction.  It is a moment that commands respect and triumph for sporting results and should not be overshadowed by individual expression, no matter how well-intentioned.”

Applications for demonstrations, clinics, exhibitions and protests at a Championship Event can be submitted to WFDF by persons, teams, or groups by the stated deadline and will be reviewed by a panel made up of one of the WFDF Integrity Officers and the Chairs or their representatives of the Women in Sport Commission and Athletes Commission for approval. In order to be approved, issues being promoted must at minimum:

● not contravene the WFDF Non-Discrimination Policy;

● not promote issues which are illegal in the host nation of the Event;

● not promote any messages which call for the use of violence against people or property;

● not be messaging aimed explicitly against a specific organization, person or group of people; and

● not be expected to create legal or safety issues for applicants, Event participants and/or tournament organizers.

The WFDF Social Expression Policy can be found here: (link)

Author: WFDF