WFDF Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Peace and Sport

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peace_and_sport_100World Flying Disc Federation is pleased to announce that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with the organization known as Peace and Sport (“P&S”). The purpose of the MoU is to establish the basis for cooperation between the two organizations to pursue programs targeted at youth in troubled areas where sports may be used as a reconciliation tool to further the goal of peace. P&S currently has projects in Israel/Palestine, Colombia, Burundi, India/Pakistan, Ivory Coast, Timor, and Haiti. WFDF pursues its development goals through support of Ultimate Peace, a non-profit organization founded and run by David Barkan and Linda Sikorsky of the USA, for which WFDF currently serves as fiscal sponsor, and it is expected to leverage its relations with the two organizations to pursue activities in the near term in Colombia and Israel.

WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch stated: “Development is a key objective for WFDF in the coming years. We are excited to sign this MoU with Peace and Sport and we hope to leverage their connections and resources to complement the on-the-ground expertise and skill set of Ultimate Peace in making flying disc sports a vehicle for teaching youth about fair play and the spirit of the game, so that they may incorporate these principles into their own lives.”
Peace and Sport was founded in 2007 by Modern Pentathlon Olympic medalist and world champion Joel Bouzou, who is the current President of the organization. It works for sustainable peace throughout the world. To achieve this, it promotes the practice of structured sport and sporting values to educate young generations and help foster social stability, reconciliation and dialogue between communities. An international initiative at the service of peace, Peace and Sport intervenes in areas made vulnerable by extreme poverty, recent conflict or lack of social cohesion. A neutral and apolitical organization based in Monaco, Peace and Sport is a global initiative under the High Patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. P&S mobilizes financial resources, high profile athletes, and its political connections to pursue its goals in through its affiliation with international sports federations such as WFDF.
Peace and Sport supports three types of action:
1. Peace-building programs: Supervising and socially-reintegrating young people through sport by opening local sports centers within deprived communities, improving existing sports facilities and supporting national strategies.
2. Peace-promotion programs: Supporting one-off and recurrent sports events that have a strongly symbolic impact, using them to promote dialogue and thought about peace through sport.
3. Emergency programs: Helping victims to evacuate their trauma and supporting social reconstruction through sport in areas that have been hit by natural or man-made disasters.
WFDF joins numerous other international sports federations in working with Peace and Sport: International Paralympic Committee; International Canoe Federation; International Table Tennis Federation; International Rugby Board; FILA Wrestling; World Chess Federation; International University Sports Federation; International Military Sports Council; International Cricket Council; World Flying Disc Federation; Badminton World Federation; International Association of Athletics Federation; International Baseball Federation; International Boxing Association; International Federation of Sport Climbing; Fédération Internationale d’Escrime; World Karate Federation; International Federation of Muaythai Amateur; International Federation of Netball Associations; International Table Soccer Federation ; International Ju-Jitsu Federation; International Softball Federation; World Squash Federation; World Taekwondo Federation; International Taekwon-do Federation; La Fédération Internationale de Volleyball; International Judo Federation; International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation; Union Cycliste Internationale; International Triathlon Union; International Gymnastics Federation; International Amateur Sambo Federation; International Sepaktakraw Federation; and International Archery Federation.
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Author: WFDF