WDFD Seeks bids to Host WJUC 2018

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[lead]WFDF Seeks Bids to Host WFDF 2018 World Junior Ultimate Championships (WJUC)[/lead]

WFDF’s Board of Directors and Ultimate Committee are seeking bids from potential host organizers for the WFDF 2018 World Junior Ultimate Championships (WJUC). The WJUC is the premier world junior championship event for the flying disc discipline of Ultimate.  The event is held bi-annually and is comprised of national teams competing in the Junior Uner-20 Men’s and the Junior Under-20 Women’s divisions.  The event was most recently held in 2014 Lecco, Italy and will again be held this summer August, 2016 in Wroclaw Poland.

The preferred date range should be June – September 2018, although a potential bidder can approach us if they need flexibility.  The deadline for the submission of complete bids is Friday 22nd April, 2016. However, potential bidders should provide an expression of interest in bidding (no details required) by no later than Monday 29th February 2016.
The Bid Guidelines and the bid budget template can be accessed under this link: http://wfdf.sport/events/event-hosting.  It is anticipated that WFDF will announce the host details by the end July , 2016.

Bids will be reviewed by the Events Sub-Committee and the Ultimate Committee with input from the Youth and Sport Commission, with final approval upon their recommendation by the WFDF Board of Directors.
If you have any questions about this event or the process of bidding, or to receive an Expression of Interest form, please contact Karina Woldt, WFDF Event Manager, at [email protected].

Please find the WJUC 2018 bid sheet here.