International Spirit of the Game Day 2019 is 7th of December

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WFDF is gearing up for the 6th annual International Spirit of the Game Day, which will take place on Saturday, 7 December 2019. This year, the day’s theme is “Spirit of the Game — It’s Not Just High Fives!” iSOTG Day, organized by the World Flying Disc Federation in partnership with the charitable organization Early Recognition Is Critical (E.R.I.C.), encourages Ultimate communities around the world to celebrate and reflect on Spirit of the Game, a core and unique element of the sport of Ultimate, by hosting events, clinics and activities where players can discuss and demonstrate good spirit.

Anyone (groups or individuals) can participate in iSOTG Day, and they will get the chance to win prizes from dozens of vendors simply by posting a video, photo, article, etc., on the iSOTG Facebook event , on Instagram, or on Twitter with the hashtag #iSOTGDay. Submissions are open between 29 November and 9 December 2019. The winning submissions will be chosen by members of the WFDF Spirit Committee, E.R.I.C., as well as partner representatives.

“In 2019, in addition to the creative demonstration of Spirit, the community is encouraged to start conversations and share their thoughts on the evolution and current state of Spirit of the Game,” stated WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch. “We want players to showcase how Spirit can best be expressed, not just through “high fives” and a cheer at the end of the game, but through caring behaviors, safe playing styles, selfless volunteerism, and more! Together with local events and creative expressions of Spirit, these activities will further promote a global collaborative understanding of what Spirit of the Game means.”

Spirit of the Game is the mindful behavior practiced by players worldwide in a mutual effort to protect the basic joy of play. It makes self-officiation possible, encourages personal responsibility, and encompasses attitudes and skills such as good knowledge of the rules, fair-mindedness, safe play, clear and calm communication, and a positive and respectful attitude.

The WFDF board decided this year to permanently move iSOTG Day to the first Saturday in December, in order to better allow local organizations to plan events that explore, teach and celebrate Spirit of the Game. “It’s certainly possible to be Spirited on a Tuesday, but it’s a slam dunk — excuse me, a two foot push pass — to have great Spirit on a Saturday,” said Travis F. Smith, chairperson of WFDF’s Spirit of the Game Committee.

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