WFDF Congress approves of Mauritius and Namibia as member National Federations 

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Congress approval brings WFDF’s member nations to 102 countries

The World Flying Disc Federation (“WFDF”) is proud to announce that its Congress has approved the Mauritius Flying Disc Association (MFDA) and the Namibia Flying Disc Federation (NFDF) as its newest national Members, increasing WFDF’s membership to 102 member National Federations (NFs).

“Starting off the new year 2022 with the approval of two new members — Mauritius and Namibia — is really great,” commented WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch. “To grow, particularly on the African continent again, proves the effectiveness of our development programme, overcoming the highly restrictive constraints caused by the pandemic. We are expecting a robust world championship schedule in 2022, with many opportunities for Flying Disc athletes to shine again on a global level.”

Mauritius Flying Disc Association (MFDA) President Yusuf Beeharry said “We have been operating flying disc sports here since 2013 and it is a great honor for us to officially join the WFDF in 2022. We look forward to developing and increasing our current teams to compete at national and international competition, and we look forward to hosting compitions for countries the Indian Ocean and African region. We would also like to reach out to the local population and transmit the values and principles of flying discs sports and become part of the global flying disc family.”

Oskar Heita Oskar, President of Namibia Flying Disc Federation (NFDF), commented “The Namibia Flying Disc Federation is honored to announce that it is now a recognised organisation of the World Flying Disc Federation. The NFDF is looking forward to work closely with WFDF, the AAFDF and all representing organisations of other continents, to help with the development of flying disc sports in the country of Namibia. This is just the start, the first step in advancing and accelerating popularity and a call to involvement of the Namibian youth and active people in general in flying disc sports. Ultimate is the only flying disc sport currently played in the country and NFDF looks forward to introducing the other major flying disc sports to our heterogeneous population and also take efforts to make sure that in is introduced in other regions of the country other than the capital Windhoek. The primary purpose is to focus on the youth as they are the future. We would like to thank all the parties that were involved and help make sure that this membership is achieved, most notably a debt of gratitude is owed to Volker Bernardi who pushed and saw it through.”