Athletes Peixian Rong (USA) and Manuela Cardenas (Colombia) embrace following the Finals at WJUC 2018.

Bids Open for Hosting the Pan American Youth Ultimate Championships

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The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) and the Pan American Flying Disc Federation (PAFDF) officially open bids for hosting the WFDF 2025 Pan American Youth Ultimate Championships. Bids are due no later than the 30th of June. All bids will be reviewed by PAFDF’s new Youth Development Committee, the Pan American Junior Committee (PANJUCO). Select bids will then be reviewed by the WFDF Events Team with the final decision being made by PANJUCO. A host will be selected based on their experience in running Disc events, the cost to teams and athletes, suitable facilities for athletes, staff, and spectators, and the competition venue, among other requirements.

The tournament will be held in July or August 2025 and may not fall on the same dates as any other WFDF events or Youth Club Championships in the United States. This event will be open to all three gender divisions in the Under 20 age division. PANJUCO looks forward to receiving and reviewing bids for the second edition of this event (previously named the Pan American Junior Tournament). 

The new Pan American Junior Committee exists to develop youth Flying Disc sports in the Pan American region. PANJUCO’s mission is in accordance with the goals and objectives of its governing body, PAFDF. PANJUCO’s vision is to see the level of Flying Disc sports in the entire Pan American region, but specifically the Latin America region, grow steadily and see our young people representing their countries in Pan American and World tournaments and, potentially in the future, the Olympics. Through PAYUC 2025, other competitions, in person and online training, and shared experiences, PANJUCO believes our youth can form the foundation for long term growth. PANJUCO’s main responsibility will be to organize PAYUC 2025. In addition to that task they will be creating more regional events and working to develop our young people for future success. 

WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch states, “WFDF is excited about this growth opportunity as it contributes to the first of our seven goals as outlined in our latest Strategic Plan: namely, to support member associations in promoting youth development as a path to growth.” 
PAFDF has released a Welcome Letter with additional information about PANJUCO and how it came to be.

Author: WFDF